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Vallarino Racing

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The Kart


About the Team:

Running under the name KCV Motorsports, the team just completed it’s first season having a successful season. The team fields 2 karts, the 31 and the 8.  The team posseses fabrication equipment that Kyle Vallarino uses to create custom parts. Kyle is a skilled welder and is currently in college training to become a machinist.


In 2009 we will expand our racing efforts to different tracks. Current plans include Kyle Vallarino running a few club races at the Stockton Motorplex, IKF at Stockton, possibly Atwater, and the Gold Rush Series, and may attempt a Pro-Kart race at Infineon. Vince Vallarino will be racing a few club races at Stockton.




 Kyle Vallarino places 2nd at the Stockton Motorplex in 125 National Cup Light Championship

In our first season of racing we had many ups and downs. From our first race running on old tires, to the hard crashes to the race win, it was a hard year for the team. Running only 6 out of 10 races Kyle Vallarino finished 2nd in the points with an average finish of 3rd.


Official Points Below: